WWE 2K App Reviews

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I needs a update with more people and cage match and every thing

Awesome but

This game is so so fun and for me the conteols are easy but add more people and modes and add tag teams use tables and leave the ring and add a refferee


please add new moves and new costumes !!

No commentary

Plz add some commentators and commentary

Please change the controls

Although this game has character customization and more ,the controls are not good enough to make you enjoy your game . Please change the controls , its bad

Improvements please!

Fix the controls, like adding button for the commands. Also add more to the roster especially the womens wrestlers.

Good app needs to update

People and things need to be updated. Like Roman Reigns is still in the shield. Also there should be more pay-per views


I loved the game, but then I deleted, but now I have and it needs updated! It hasnt been updated for almost a year plz update 2k, PLZZZZZZZ

Need digital button

This is not good with the swipe thing. Pls put digital buttons, and this game will become a better game.


this game needs one big update!

Work on iPod Touch 5

I am glad to download this game, description says this game not work on iPod Touch 5, but today i am try and it working!!!!

Its ok but needs some improvement

It goes a little slow and stuff like that

Great Game, needs work.

This game is amazing inside and out, but there is a huge need for a game update, bringing in more Superstars, more gameplay modes, more create-a-superstar options, and a better port. Anyways, great game 2K!

I love this game but 1 thing

This game is amazing and Im addicted to it but the only thing I would add and I hope developers would add is sin Cara or Ray mestereo in more options for the Luchador be cause the Luchador is cool but I dont really like the mask please add opinions for the mask of the lucha

Not a Review

This game was around 4.99 originally but I guess it went on sale or the price changed so it was 0.99 so I bought it and it still charged me the 4.99. Its not a big deal, but it is bullcrap.

Hasnt had update in about a year!!

There needs to be a new update! The next update should have, Tag Team, MITB, and more match types. It also desperately needs more superstars. You can only choose a couple of superstars! Dolph Ziggler isnt even in it! Please read this. The game is great and addicting it just needs more match types, more superstars, and more in depth career mode. I mean, there hasnt been and update in about a year!!!!!

Horrible control system

The roster, the visuals, the game modes, and move sets are all awesome! But all of that is ruined by a horrible control system. For the love of Pete give this game a virtual control stick with buttons.


Would be better if you could leave the ring / move the character, more match types, more superstars, and more events.

Terrible controls fix and update

I love WWE huge fan since I was a kid I wanted this game cause it looked amazing but its not, not enough superstars not enough areas fix controlls to button I hate the swiping so much makes me not even wanna play this game please update game and controls then this game will be the best game

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