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Needs a few things

I think it would be nice if this game has hell in a cell tag team and royal rumble and a few more super stars like the rock jack swagger Dolph Ziggler the miz and maybe zack Ryder

Come on

Put in a f*cken royal rumble then probably be more fun and Ive had this app for 7 months now and Ive had no updates 0


Me and everyone Im sure all feel were long overdue an update to this game that adds more superstars and a couple divas the at least.

Wwe 2k

No del rio no ryback no sin cara no Rey Misterio no stone cold

Dont get!!

I liked the game at first but it got really boring so dont waste ur money on it and if I could Id want to get my money back

This game is awesome, but it needs a update. I really want tables and HIAC. But its still really fun. Its also needs more superstars and venues. But still fun!

Wwe 2k problem

I think you should add so more details like more wwe superstars And more types of matches like triple treat, tag team,I quit, lumberjack ,hell in a cell, last man standing. Ladder match backstage, and more ring events like wrestle mania ,extreme rules,money in the bank,night of champions ,battle ground survival series,payback,TlC, fast lane,NXT .And come out of the ring to grab weapons and let the entrance all the way ring and during a steel cage match dont even go outside of the ring to win and you should put in showcase mode and you should put the full rosters.also add with ring announcers and commentary . And some wwe legends like Mick folly,Shawn Michaels,stone cold,Bret hart,Goldberg,the rock,Kurt angle,booker t,edge,and more. So please fix this.

No commentary

Plz add some commentators and commentary


Wwe 2k is very fun but there needs improvement.first of all there should be more wrestlers like Sami zayn,Kevin Owens,and Dolph ziggler.there should be old school wrestlers like foley,stone cold, and the rock.during matches there should be interferences,same thing with intros.the intros need to be all the way to the ring.there should be divas and divas titles.there should be more moves for each wrestler like 5 or 6.not 4.the controls need to be like wrestling revolution.the shield should be split up too.They should be apart so roman reigns is on his own,dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins should be on there own too.2 more things.there should be pay per view matches and no more climbing out of the cage to win.you should have cage matches like the ones in wwe on tv.you should only be able to go out of the cage to grab things.there should also be commentators to make it more lively.2 more thing,there should be more weapons like a sledge hammer and baseball bats.there should be tag team matches too to make it more fun.last thing.every wrestler needs a submission move like stings scorpion death lock and undertakers hells gate.in conclusion,there should be an update

Can we please get an update

Can we can a update of wwe it was fun but can we can at least get an update of wwe 2k to wwe 2k17 or at least make wwe 2k17 for iOS with nxts roster on it and add dlc

Awesome but

This game is so so fun and for me the conteols are easy but add more people and modes and add tag teams use tables and leave the ring and add a refferee


I needs a update with more people and cage match and every thing

Awesome but...

I love this game but I think you should add more modes and more superstars but great game and worth the $7.99


The game is great, but I gave it 3 stars because of the bad controlling. I wish if there is joystick control option.

Freaking Unplayable!!!

I like the idea, I am satisfied with the graphics, but for the love of God, the swipe controls are TERRIBLE, and make it UNPLAYABLE! So therefore I only leave one star because I spent $7.99 for this crap. Please get rid of these TERRIBLE controls, it would mean a lot to me.


its ok but the only problem that they need is more people and they need to add royal rumble,wrestle mania,and money in the bank match they already have regular,extreme rules,and hell in a cell.What Im trying to say is that this game needs a update!

Terrible waste $8 down the drain

Dumb and freezes.

Some thing are cool, but the game is bogus

I think the game is a decent game its worth 1$ for sure but not for the regular price. Also, I dont like how there not very many characters nor cant choose your signature or finisher.

Too simple career mode

I remember when I played the smackdown on my playstation. The career mode of this game is too simple and so boring. There should be more appearance customizing options, skills customizing options and events.

Might be good

Although I havent played this game before, and I like wrestling, it might be good. So to start out, lets give it a 3 stars. Not bwaaaad! P.S. Im only 9 1/2 years old though. P.P.S. My favorite wrestler is John Cena. Also, is he in this game?

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